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Legal notice


Miscellanueous provisions

The contents of all information released on the website of Terme Čatež belongs to the company and serves promotional purpose. The company makes its best to update the data , but is not liable for their truthfulness. Furthermore, the company and other legal and natural persons involved in the development and upgrade of the website are not liable for the damage originated by the access, application or denial of application of the information released,  
their errors or incompleteness of any kind. The use of the released 
contents is at your own risk.

All information and photos released on the website of Terme Čatež are subject of author's or intellecetual property rights. The documents released on the website of Terme Čatež 
are the property of the company and can be reproduced only for non-commercial purposes, whereby their property rights must remain preserved (the information should not be rewritten, copied or distributed for commercial purpose). The brands and brands of service appearing on the website are registered brands of Terme Čatež and its exclusive right.

Terme Čatež company has got the exclusive right to change the contents on the webside regardless of the user's consent and is not liable for the consequences derived therefrom.

The website of Terme Čatež can contain technical irregulaties and typing errors, therefore we preserve the right to change, correct and improve the information, products, programmes and prices released on our website without prior notice.

Terme Čatež is not liable for temporary website failure.

Notice of video surveillance

Notice to external parties pursuant to the third paragraph of Article 76 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 163/2022, ZVOP-2) regarding the implementation of video surveillance in the area, premises and facilities of the company Terme Čatež d.d.

Video surveillance operator:

Terme Čatež d.d.

Topliška cesta 35

8250 Brežice


tel.: + 386 7 493 67 00


registration number 5004896000, tax number SI55444946

Contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Video surveillance is carried out in order to ensure the safety of people and property in the areas, facilities and premises of Terme Čatež d.d., in accordance with Article 76 of the ZVOP-2, with the provision of paragraph 1 of Article 77 and paragraph 1 of Article 78 of the ZVOP-2 and the provision of item 1c of Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

Users of video surveillance system recordings: authorised persons in the company Terme Čatež d.d., on the basis of explicit authorisations;

Information on the transfer of video recordings to third countries: video recordings made by the video surveillance system shall not be transferred to third countries;

The storage period of video surveillance system recordings: up to 365 days.

Instruction on the rights of the individual with regard to video surveillance system recordings: an individual who identifies themselves in the video surveillance system recording or an individual who has been recorded by a video surveillance camera has the right to:

  • access personal data or the right to access the recording of the video surveillance system relating to the person in the recording, except in cases where this would jeopardise the protection of personal data of other individuals,
  • correction (blurring – anonymisation), deletion or restriction of processing of the video surveillance system recording),
  • objection to the processing of the video surveillance system recording,
  • portability of the video surveillance system data (copy of the recording, etc.), except in cases where this would jeopardise the protection of personal data of other individuals.

Information on the right to lodge a complaint: you can submit a complaint about the video surveillance system recording to the address of the Data Protection Officer or the address of the data controller, whose contact details are published above.

The need to provide personal data or consent to video surveillance or recording: personal consent is not necessary due to the existence of a legal basis for performing video surveillance; an individual has the right not to enter the area, facilities or premises in which the video surveillance takes place.

Existence of automated decision-making, including profiling: non-existent.

Information on the specific effects of processing, in particular further processing: none.

Irregular further processing:

  • no further processing of the video surveillance system recordings is carried out;
  • no sound intervention shall be carried out during the video surveillance;
  • control by means of a video surveillance system is monitored by a specially authorised person on the computer screen (live monitoring);
  • the recordings of the video surveillance system shall be kept for a maximum of 365 days.

Confidentiality of personal data

At Terme Čatež d.d., we handle your personal data carefully, i.e. safely and in accordance with the law. Handling of your personal data represents a great responsibility for us, so we are providing the key information related to the processing of your data in the attached document. By using our services, you agree to the above method of obtaining, storing and using your personal data, so we kindly invite you to read the document in detail.

Final provisinos

The prices on the Terme Čatež website include VAT. In the case of dispute, the Court at Brežice is competent and in charge of solving it.