Новости - Terme Čatež
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Important notice after the flooding

In Terme Čatež, due to unfavorable weather patterns, high groundwater levels and high flows of the Sava River, we stopped the operation of the swimming pools in the summer and winter Thermal Riviera from Friday, August 4th until Sunday, August 6th. 

With the coordinated action of members of the civil defense, firefighters, representatives of the municipality of Brežice and other volunteers, for which we sincerely thank all of them, we managed to prevent irreparable damage, so that today, August 7th, the swimming pools in the summer Thermal Riviera were reopened. The special effects on the summer thermal riviera (slides, waves, massage pools) will be opened gradually in the following days, except for Boomerang and Thermal Riviera which are already reopened. 

On August 9, the Winter Thermal Riviera opens, first dome B, followed by domes A and C by the end of the week.

We look forward to meeting our guests again in the largest water park in Central Europe.