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Castle adventures

Castle adventures

For all visitors of Terme Čatež we have prepared a special and certainly the most magical experience.

Together with the mighty Posavje castles, a part of which is also our Mokrice castle, we invite you, from 5th July, to a very special experience in the 'castle' chamber (right next to the Urška confectionery in Čatež). Enter the 3D world of walls, ancient secrets, rich history. Let all the surprises, collections and activities that take place today in the nearby Posavje castles make your day special.

Choose your preferred 'castle destination' according to your wishes, interests and expectations with the help of professional informants in the 'castle chamber', then go on a journey! You are welcome to our Mokrice castle, visit our renovated restaurant Golf Club house and enjoy the unforgettable view from one of our most beautiful terraces of Posavje.

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