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Зимняя Термальная ривьера

Dear guests,

Winter Thermal Riviera is open every day, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Welcome to the largest water park in Central Europe and unlimited water fun, 365 days a year!


- During the summer holidays, the 1st and 2nd domes with all pools and attractions and the Pirate Ship in the 3rd dome are open in the winter Thermal Riviera. Other attractions / pools in the 3rd dome are closed and open in summer only in case of bad weather.

- the surfing course is closed and will reopen on September 1st or in case of closure of the summer Thermal Riviera due to bad weather.

- the connecting bridge from the winter to the summer Thermal Riviera is closed and reopens in the fall.

Thank you for your understanding and we invite you to the summer Thermal Riviera.

At the Winter Thermal Riviera you can swim in the thermal water in the largest indoor pool complex and discover water paradise on over 6,500 m of indoor water surface with water attractions. You are invited under the three domes of the Winter Thermal Riviera by pools, whirlpools, slides, massage beds... When you get tired of the slow pace, enjoy the fun between the waves of the wild river. Slide into a water adventure over the jumping toboggan or the kamikaze toboggan. Fans of fast slides are thrilled by the water slide tube with light effects, while those who welcome a surprise are impressed by the adventure tree.

Interesting facts

The largest indoor pool complex water paradise on over 2,300 m² of indoor thermal water surface with water attractions.
Wellness Riviera The ultimate sauna oasis. 1.000 m²
200 m² Pool area at pirate ship
1,100 m² pool of irregular shapes
31 –33 °C pool with waves

Water attractions

Pools and attractions

The wild river with a toboggan will give you a rush, even if you are the most fearless hero of them all, while enjoyment in the pool with waves is only the dot on the i in everyday relaxation.In the pool of irregular shapes everyone who enjoys pampering in a relaxation pool, massage beds, whirlpools, and under the waterfalls will find a place of their own. Go with the fast water flow. The tree of adventures featuring thunder and rain conjures up a true tropical storm.Ride your wave on the surf route, slide down the appealing jumping or kamikaze toboggan.  

Surfing on the waves of the winter Themal Riviera

Take the challenge and surf on the waves of thermal water.

For youngest

The youngest enjoy splashing around in the children's pool and have fun in the play corner. Experience the magical world of pirates on the pirate ship next to a burning city and find the hidden treasure.

Passage to the exterior part of the pool

Do you miss blue skies and the sun above you? Swim through the passage to the exterior part of the pool with a water mushroom or slide into it over a black-hole toboggan with light effects.

Food & Beverage

Lounge Bar Valovi

The completely renovated Lounge Bar Valovi is the perfect stop between one and another water action in the winter Thermal Riviera. Refresh Yourself with delicious pizzas and hotdogs, sweeten yourself with pancakes, muffins, doughnuts, toritos or ice cream and treat Yourself to coffee, refreshments and cocktails. Lounge Bar Valovi is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Self-service restaurant

When you get tired of water experiences, you can regain your energy at the food and beverage outlets, for example by a tasty meal at a self-service restaurant of the Winter Thermal Riviera. Choose among a variety of delicious dishes, refreshing drinks and home-made ice-cream. Treat yourself to a Čatež cream slice or opt for something from our own confectionery.

Next to the pool with waves you can freshen up with a cold drink, a coffee or have a sandwich to satisfy your hunger.

Grill Restaurant

After a pleasant day at the Thermal Riviera you are invited to the Grill Restaurant. Try the savoury barbecued dishes, the best pizzas, salad-bar or dishes on request.

Urška confectionery

If you have a sweet tooth, you must visit the Urška confectionery.



Welcome to the new Wellness Riviera, the ultimate sauna oasis on 1000 m2.

Events and news

Terme Čatež d.d.
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ежедневно с 9.00 до 21.00

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