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Обращения к общественности и публикации

August 2017 – The Best Month in The History of Terme Čatež Company

135,350 overnight stays were realized in August 2017 at Terme Čatež, which is by 3,196 overnight stays more than in the record month of August 2015.

Together with the daily visitors Terme čatež Spa registered 174,172 bathing guests, which is by 5.6 % more than in the same period of  2016.

A significant increase in the overnight stays in August has been reported in the campsite; registered were 83,546 overnight stays, which means a new historical threshold value. The campsite at Terme Čatež is not only the biggest one in Slovenia but also the best one according to ADAC evaluation.

The growing trends have been evident at Terme Čatež throughout the period January-August2017. Realized were 539,397 overnight stays, which is by 2.0 % more than in the same period of last year) and sold were 174,057 daily bathing tickets, which is by 4.1 % more than in the same period of 2016.

Should the growing tendency continue until the end of the year, Terme Čatež will have exceeded all the plans.