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The e-communications privacy policy

Subscribe to the e-newsletter

To subscribe to e-newsletter of the company Terme Čatež d.d., the following data is collected: e-mail address, name and surname, etc. The Data Manager, the company Terme Čatež d.d. collects personal data exclusively through the voluntary forwarding of the personal data upon the subscription to the newsletter.

By entering your e-mail address, you are consenting to receive e-news, with which the company Terme Čatež d.d. will inform you about their new services, discounts, promotional and special benefits and the current prize competitions.
After entering the e-mail address for subscription to the e-newsletter, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to that email address – by confirming and activating the consent, you will be subscribed to the e-newsletter of the company Terme Čatež d.d.

Personal data for subscribing to e-newsletter will be used only for the purpose or purposes, for which the user has given his/her consent. Data on the users will not be sold, lent or in any other way provided by the company Terme Čatež d.d. to unauthorised third parties without their consent.

Withdrawal of the consent

The user can withdraw their consent at any time in the same way as the consent was given. For the withdrawal of the consent, the used should reenter their e-mail address on the website and he/she will receive a confirmation e-mail. By confirming the e-mail address, the withdrawal of the consent will be activated.


The user may at time by clicking the button in UNSUBSCRIBE in the e-newsletter  requests that the Data Manager delete his/her personal data stored for the purposes of direct marketing.

User rights

The user can, at any time, with the contact form below select and send a suitable request for accessing his/her personal data, which are collected and processed by the manager, for correction of personal data, for deleting personal data, to limit the processing in relation to the individual which the personal data concern, to object to personal data processing or to personal data transferability.
In case of violations of their rights in the gathering, processing and storage of personal data, internet users can contact the authorised information representative.

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Data Protection

The Manager, Terme Čatež d.d. respects the user’s privacy right and strives for the maximum level of personal data protection. We are therefore committed to operating in accordance with the laws and regulations which regulate the protection of personal data, especially in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The company Terme Čatež d.d., sends the e-newsletter by the web application GDPR Manager, which provides complete anonymisation of the personal data of e-newsletter recipients and in accordance with the principle of personal data minimisation allows access to personal data to authorised persons and only on the basis of received requests for correction, access, limit, objection, transfer or deletion of personal data.

The web application GDPR Manager ensures full traceability of authorised users of the application (password and user name secured access to application) and automatic access record of authorised users of the application and their activities on the application.

Personal data will be carefully protected and their misuse will be prevented by the company Terme Čatež d.d. Personal data will be used only for the purpose or purposes for which the user has given his/her consent, thus the password and user name secured access to personal data is allowed to persons authorised by the Personal Data Manager, who are bound to carefully handle personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The person authorised for personal data protection in the company Terme Čatež d.d. is Gregor Žibert.

Any questions regarding personal data protection on the website can be sent to the e-mail address

E-newsletter consignor and your personal data manager is:
Terme Čatež d. d., Topliška cesta 35, 8250 Brežice.

Location and Date: Čatež ob Savi, 10/5/2018