Nieuws - Terme Čatež

NEW! MALI GRAD - town of fortresses and castles

NEW! MALI GRAD - town of fortresses and castles
We are sure that no one will remain indifferent in the town of fortresses and castles!

Welcome in Terme Čatež!

We invite you to a rare and enthralling journey through our town. There are three streets in it where fortresses and castles from different countries, various in their architecture and build time, are situated. The models differ from their originals only by size. Masters worked assiduously, with amazing accuracy reconstructing the finest details of architecture, decor, and landscape.

Streets lead you deep into the history. You will be the witnesses of two battles. Several hundreds of warriors' figures are made by hand. Each of them is unique, every figure has its own face. For admirers of medieval arms, it is provided a chance to see and even to touch exact copies of rare and little-known examples of brave knights' arms.

As in every town, here, day and night change each other. The castles with various highlighting is a bewitching sight. On the streets, side by side, in two steps from each other, you can see different seasons. In one castle, winter has ruled off a moment ago, while in the other, fall shows its magnificent colors.

Don't forget to take your camera — we prepared some surprises for you! We are sure you will take your unique photos!

If you would get tired during your wandering through centuries, you will find rest areas, and for our youngest guests, we provided places for drawing.

Make use of our audio guide to here the most wonderful stories, thrilling legends, ...

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