Castles of Posavje region - Terme Čatež

Castles of Posavje region

Surprising Posavje castles

The Trappist chocolate, one of the most astonishing barocque halls, centennial parks, castle cuisine, monasteries, wooden sculptures, golf course and… a lot more. These are Posavje castles. Situated in the town centres or high above them, hidden among the woods, at the rivers… Feel their spirit, discover hidden rooms and long corridors of the castles hiding behind their thick walls interesting stories about their residents, work, living, festivals and arts through centuries. 

At the foot of Gorjanci - and overlooking Bizeljsko hills Mokrice castle**** offers you a green relaxing starting point for your adventurous exploration of Posavje castles. 

Mokrice castle

At the foot of Gorjanci - and overlooking Bizeljsko hills there lies the mighty medieval Mokrice castle. Its legends tell of turbulent historical events and important traffic directions from East to West already in the Roman period. The castle and its vicinity  were also heavily marked by the peasant riots. During the peaceful periods the inhabitants of the castle lived a typical life of a rural gentry. Today, the castle is refurbished into a Mokrice Castle Golf Hotel****, which impresses with its noble interior and subtle and cultivated 200-years old English park and one of the most beautfiul golf courses in Slovenia. 

Brežice castle

Brežice castle, a mighty renaissance building from 16th century surprises its visitors with a breathtaking and opulent Baroque interior. Its must see venue is the Knight's Hall. Sitting there in the solemn tranquility, letting your eyes wander across the arc ceiling and walls painted with colourful frescoes… enjoying and admiring the beauty. Since 1949 the castle accomodates the regional museum - Posavski muzej Brežice - with its rich collection and exhibition of cultural heritage of Posavje region. 

Rajhenburg castle

Are you interested in chocolate and how it was made by the Trappist monks at Rajhenburg castle? You will learn about this, about the origin of the castle which is today one of the most important historical monuments from the early Middle Ages in Slovenia, and a lot more… The exhibition in the castle, presenting the events from the past and the contemporary events of the early 20's, is mingled with an ample cultural and artistic programme. 

Podsreda castle

Hidden between the local hills and forests expects its visitors Podsreda castle with the beautiful paintings of France Slana, one of the most famous modern Slovenian painters, and a spirit of an almost forgotten traditional castle cuisine.

Sevnica castle

Do you want to enjoy the view the First Lady of the United States of America had the privilege to enjoy every day during her childhood? Then, there is a unique opportunity for you to join us and visit Sevnica and its castle, situated high above the town…

Božidar Jakac Art Museum

In one of the oldest Slovenian towns and the only one situated on a river isle, Kostanjevica na Krki invites you to Božidar Jakac Art Museum to enjoy the art of European painters from 17th and 18th century (Anthonius van Dyke), Slovenian expressionists and famous modern painters. The gallery resides in the former cistercian monastery (cistercian monks/friars) from the first half of 13th century. In the tranquility of the castle park the visitors can admire the Forma Viva - contemporary wooden sculptures created by the international authors.