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Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy Centre at the Aquapark Žusterna Hotel offers a series of physiotherapy services to alleviate health problems. Lux massage with massage candles eases tension, eliminates fatigue and rejuvenates the body. Massage candles contain shea butter, coconut, almond or argan oil.
Cryotherapy is a fast and effective method for regeneration of muscles, injury rehabilitation, it positively influences the skin, helps in weight loss, and increases libido …
  • Massages - classical body massage, therapeutic back massage, feet massage
  • Ultrasound therapy - Very successfully alleviates problems with the nervous-muscle system.
  • Tecar - bio-compatible energy increases the therapy effectiveness and shortens rehabilitation (machine-assisted manual therapy for stimulating deep tissue).
  • Laser therapy (Medio laser combi) - suitable for treating superficial pathologies.
  • Kinesio Taping - advanced taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body's muscle functions.
  • Electrotherapy- medio multi is a device allowing for diagnostics and selection of the optimal therapy.
Aquapark Hotel Žusterna
Istrska 67
SI – 6000 KOPER