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Under the medieval walls of the Mokrice Castle, an 18-hole golf course spreads over 66 hectares in the midst of centennial forests. Donald Harradine, an architect of global renown, optimally designed one of the most diversified courses, which represents a challenge to both experienced players and novices. The 5th Hole (PAR 4) is known among golfers as one of the most difficult in this part of Europe.

The golf fields are consistent with the natural configuration of the Dolenjska hills and offer a lovely view of the varied hilly landscape. They are laid out between forests, picturesque pear plantations, crossing the 200-year old English park and putting a golfer to test by a series of natural obstacles, including the lake. The spectacular view of the castle opens up at the 10th Hole. The course ends at the Club House.


Dear golf friends ! 


We would like to inform you that  the Mokrice Golf Course is open. 


Welcome to the new season!

School of golf

Join the school of golf or learn the basics of golf on our demo days. You can hire a golf instructor to help you improve your technique.  Golf is becoming ever more accessible. A golf permit or club handicap 54 is available for no more than 99 euros! You can play even if you do not have a golf licence.


The Mokrice golf course hosts numerous national and international golf tournaments and social match plays. If requested by a customer, we will organise a demo day on the course, presenting this increasingly popular sport. At the picturesque 10th Hole we organise an attractive "hole in one show".  As tournament hosts we provide for organisation from start to finish (preparing the start list, processing results, providing referees, etc.) along with the culinary range of your choice.

Club House

A round of golf at Mokrice starts and ends at the Club House. There golfers will find a lovely restaurant with a sun-exposed terrace and a view of the 18th Hole. Purchase and hire of golf equipment is provided by proshop. The Club House also includes comfortable wardrobes. Golf fans can spend the end of the day at the Club House, which is suitable for getting together with friends, social events or business meetings. After a nice round of golf and culinary delicacies we suggest you take a rest at golf suites***. You will spend the night right next to the golf course and early next morning you will swing your golf club enjoying a new round.


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