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Traffic information - road reconstruction in Brežice and A2 highway

We would like to inform you that due to the resurfacing implementation and reconstruction of the A2  highway, the Brežice exit (Čatež ob Savi) will be completely closed from 16 to 31 August. 

In the area of ​​Čatež and Brežice, access to A2 is possible only in the direction of Ljubljana. Traffic from Brežice in the direction of Ljubljana will run along the state roads Čatež ob Savi (Bizeljsko-Čatež, DC Krško-Brežice, Krško most, Krško, DC Krško-Drnovo to the Drnovo connection to A2). For all traffic participants who drive from the direction of Obrežje and want to reach Brežice or Čatež, the detour applies: from the direction of the border crossing in the direction of Brežice, traffic will be regulated via the Obrežje connection, further along the road Mokrice-Obrežje-Slovenska vas and further along the road Čatež ob Savi, Mokrice to Brežice. Traffic from Ljubljana towards Obrežje is undisturbed and vehicles can leave A2 highway at the exit for Brežice.