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Summer news in Terme Čatež

Summer news in Terme Čatež

First Jetball in Slovenia & Pool cinema

Summer is here! At Terme Čatež we are irrevocably waiting for you with refreshments at the Thermal Riviera!

But because the desire for something new and the constant discovery is something we are born with, we have - as every summer - prepared some novelties for you, dear guests.


First of all - with thermal pleasures - we invite you to relax while playing Jetball. What is this anyway?

It is a unique equipment for playing and the first of its kind in Slovenia (and in this part of Europe). With the help of water, you direct the ball and - you play football. Laughter, fun - and a lot of water - are guaranteed!


Don't miss our dates for CINEMA PICNIC UNDER THE STARS by and in the pools of the summer Thermal Riviera.

·         13th July, you can watch (already the ninth) FAST AND FURIOUS,

·         20th July, you can enjoy a dubbed version of the movie SpaceJam: A new legend.

All information & ticket reservations are available at the hotel and camp receptions in terme Čatež.