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The Castles of Posavje project receives the Jakob 2020 Award

The Castles of Posavje project receives the Jakob 2020 Award
The Castles of Posavje project has been awarded the Jakob 2020 Award and the title Ambassador of Innovation in Tourism in the field of innovative tourism content and programs with regards to castles and mansions 2020 by the Exhibition and Convention Centre for Innovation, Quality and Excellence in Tourism.

The international jury explained its decision as follows: "Various topic are joined in one single project. This interconnectedness is exceptional and innovative in terms of the general state of affairs in Slovenia, where we are often inclined to enclose ourselves behind castle walls. The Castles of Posavje are in search of new identities and are establishing contact with the local and regional cultural environment."

As has been the tradition for the last ten years, both the title and the award will be awarded by the Exhibition and Convention Centre on January 29th at 1pm at the grand opening of the 31st Alpe-Adria Trade Fair in Ljubljana.

The representatives of the Castles of Posavje are:

"Proud! Delighted! It is with a great dose of optimism and energy that we accept this wonderful news.

We promise to continue to excel, to surprise and to share good stories!"


The Rajhenburg Castle, Brestanica/The Krško Cultural Center, Darja Planinc  

The Brežice Castle/The Posavje Museum Brežice, Alenka Černelič Krošelj

The Božidar Jakac Gallery, Kostanjevica na Krki, Goran Milovanović

The Mokrice Castle/Terme Čatež, Alenka Mokrovič Pogačar

The Podsreda Castle/The Kozjansko Regional Park, Mojca Kunst

The Sevnica Castle/The Sevnica Public Institute for Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth, Mojca Pernovšek