Terms and conditions - Terme Čatež

Terms and conditions

Purchase procedure at e-shop

Purchase procedure at e-shop after submission of order:

Order receipt e-mail. After submitting the order, the customer is sent a notice via e-mail that the order has been received. Such e-mail is usually received in 5 minutes or later if users' e-mail settings differ. After order submission, the customer can cancel the order in 2 hours.

Order processing e-mail. If the customer does not cancel the order, the order is processed further. The service provider checks the data and whether ordered goods and services can be delivered, and confirms the order or rejects it if good reason exists. The service provider reserves the right to reject the order if prices are apparently incorrect, which may be due to errors in automated error transfer. It immediately informs the customer thereof. In case of ambiguities, for the purpose of data verification and proper delivery, the service provider calls the customer at the number stated by the customer in the section "My Account" or upon order submission. The service provider sends an order verification to the customer's e-mail, whereby a purchase and sale agreement is concluded.

An e-mail is sent to the customer's address, informing them of the order being forwarded to the delivery service. The service provider prepares the goods in agreed period and ships them to the customer's address. The service provider sends an e-mail notice about shipment to the customer.

Payment method

The service provider accepts the following payment methods:

credit card (Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, Diners)


All prices include VAT. The prices apply on the date of submission of the order and are not predetermined.

Personal data protection

The service provider hereby undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user. The service provider will use personal data only for order execution and other necessary communication. User's personal data will be under no circumstances disclosed to unauthorised parties.