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Sauna Park

IMPORTANT NOTICE – In accordance with restrictions by NIJZ Sauna Park is closed.

Relaxation, Refreshment, Rejuvenation …

The Sauna Park, in the Winter Thermal Riviera, covering 1,500 m² and offers eight different saunas.Besides, the Sauna Park offers pleasant swimming in two cooling and two relaxation pools, and a rest on the terrace. For a tanned complexion you can choose among different tanning beds. The Sauna Park will enable you sunbathing on the nudist terrace.

We suggest that after sauna you take a swim at the Winter Thermal Riviera.

  • crystal sauna: with the effects of relaxing, soothing and refreshing negative ions (70 °C – 80 °C),
  • steam sauna: cleanses the respiratory tract (40 – 50 °C),
  • extreme sauna: for all who wish to test the limits of their stamina (90 - 110 °C),
  • indian outdoor sauna: for winter and summer enjoyment (60 - 75 °C),
  • salt sauna: effective body peeling (70 - 80 °C),
  • infra-red sauna:  the soothing effects of infrared rays effectively detoxify the body (50 - 60 °C),
  • finnish aroma sauna: traditional sweat method; the hot steam is an excellent method for cleansing and rejuvenating the body and spirit (70 - 90 °C),
  • aquaviva sauna: relaxes by means of sound and light effects (50 - 90 °C).
Sauna park
Terme Čatež d.d.
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