Summer Thermal Riviera - Terme Čatež

Summer Thermal Riviera

The Summer Thermal Riviera, boasting the largest outdoor pool complex far around, offers entertainment to all generations with more than 10,000 of thermal water surface. Visit the water attractions and pools of various shapes with thermal water with a temperature between 26 and 36 °C.


On Saturday, April 23, we open part of the summer Thermal Riviera - swimming pools by the slides.

Entrance to the Summer Thermal Riviera is free for guests of the Winter Thermal Riviera and will be possible through the connecting bridge.

Welcome back to the largest water park in Central Europe and to unlimited water fun!

Interesting facts

10,000 m² of thermal water surface
1,250 m² pool with waves
Pool of irregular shapes Let your body and soul to indulge in dreams and a rejuvenating massage from thermal water bubbles. 34–36 °C twin pools with massage nozzles and whirlpools
450 m lazy river
1,000 m² Pirate's island
900 m² children's water park

Watter attractions

Pools and attractions

Pools and attractions of the Thermal Riviera are the reason that hearty laughter echoes far at the children's water park with play structures and water slides. The youngest will without a doubt find most appealing the Pirate's island. Children's playfulness will rub off on adults when they slide down the toboggan triplet, and you can catch your own wave in the pool with waves. The boomerang toboggan will give you an adrenalin rush. A real splashing paradise and enjoyment await you in the lazy river, over which you can navigate on large rubber rings. In the pool of irregular shapes you can let your body and soul to indulge in dreams and a rejuvenating massage from thermal water bubbles, also in two pools with underwater massage nozzles. Those who enjoy a long swim should jump into the olympic-size pool.

Amusement Park

Wake up the lively child and competitiveness within you at water wars, a game with small water balloons.

You and your friends can also try out a round of miniature golf. 

Somewhat younger visitors will enjoy at the mini go-kart track.

Connection with Winter Thermal Riviera

At Terme Čatež, the weather will not stop you from enjoying in water. Only a short walk over the connecting bridge and you can continue bathing at the Winter Thermal Riviera.

Food & Beverage

Self-service restaurant

At the food & beverage outlets of the Summer Thermal Riviera you will quench your thirst, cool down with home-made ice-cream from Čatež, or choose among ready dishes at the Summer Thermal Riviera. You are welcome in snack bars and a self-service restaurant.

Grill Restaurant

After a pleasant day at the Thermal Riviera you are invited to the Grill Restaurant. Try delicious barbecued dishes, the best pizzas, salad-bar or dishes on request.

Urška confectionery

If you have a sweet tooth, you must visit the Urška confectionery.

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Opening time:

from 23.08.2021: 9:00 - 19:00h
from 16.09. 2021; 10.00 - 18:00h