220 years of Terme Čatež Thermal Springs - Terme Čatež

220 years of Terme Čatež Thermal Springs

It all began 220 ago.

When the world was a bit »upside-down«. Yet the pleasant feelings coming upon (some)one when being submerged into a warm and healing thermal water remained unchanged until now.

The Dravska banovina Encyclopedia dated 1939 has an entry reading, that »on the teritory of Terme Čatež the healing thermal springs were discovered in 1797.« Another book The  Archeological Excavations in Slovenia mentions the area around Čatež as »revealing the construction traces from the Roman period, such as Neviodunum, the town situated appr. 12 km and the Villae Rusticae  and many tombstones situated only 5 km away from Čatež.

The Romans famous for their »Joie de vivre« philosophy cultivated a special attitude to the thermal water; they simply loved  an extended staying and bathing therein. There is a strong reason to believe, that the thermal springs of Čatež originate from that period.

101 shape of the thermal springs ...

10.000 m2 Summer Thermal Riviera
More than 2.300 m2 Winter Thermal Riviera
for Health
and well-being
for passionate sportsmen

"Lingering in the hot puddles of the dune"

The later writings found at Čatež vicarage read that »the springs at Čatež dune« were known at least since 1802 and that  »the springs had been a paradise for the legendary Čatež gnome, half goat-half human.«  However, the Encyclopedia mentions that »people used to dig holes into the dune, set-up fences made of branches around the holes and were bathing in the rather hot water. Then they cooled-down in the nearby Sava river.«

And now, 220 years later?

There are still hot thermal water springs at Terme Čatež. 

11 drillings bring the healing thermal water with the temperatures between 58°C and 63˚C from 600 m depth up to the surface, where it is used as a remedy for many a health trouble, for curative and preventative treatments. The water is the basic element of all programmes and therapies conducted at the Health Centre. The individually tailored therapies are administered by a highly proffesional staff of doctors, surgeons, therapists and nurses. 

The rehabilitation at Terme Čatež is a complex process aiming at the independence of a handicaped person. 

365 days a year in the embrace of thermal water

The thermal water is not only used for curative but also for relaxation and wellbeing purposes. The surface of numerous swimming pools of the Thermal Riviera equals the altitude of the highest Slovenian mountain – the Triglav.

The unique water experience and water attractions are daily visited by numerous tourists from all over the world.

The challenge and the goal set on one of our first invitations to a festive opening has been fulfilled. After 220 years one is at Terme Čatež still365 days in the embrace of the thermal water.

Regardless the time of the year, weather conditions or … simply the time.

Terme Čatež, like the thermal springs, always in the service to mankind.