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The rehabilitation is a process of a consecutive active participation of a patient into his/her daily activities, the final goal however being the maintenance of such a state of condition. The rehabilitation at Terme Čatež is an extensive process where the goal can only be reached by a team-work. Beside the medical staff (doctors, surgeons, therapists, nurses etc..) the other important role in the curative process has the patient him/herself i.e. his/her active engagement in the rehab programme.

Patient rehabilitation and other activities are carried out at:

  • rehabilitation fitness studio,
  • four gyms designed for individual or group exercises,
  • outpatient clinics,
  • therapy premises,
  • isokinetic testing room and
  • ultrasound diagnostics room.
Rehabilitation of athletes and sports injuries

Rehabilitation of sports injuries is suitable for athletes exposed to utmost strain during exercises and competitions, ever more frequently leading to injuries because of inadequate conditioning. It does not suffice to make them fit for everyday moderate physical activity, as they need to be prepared for the highest exertion due to sports training and competition.

The purpose of the programme is to adopt a proper approach to physical activity, adjust the strain to individual's ability and reduce the risk of sports injuries by proper exercise planning.

The programmes are performed using state-of-the-art isokinetic and diagnostic equipment and involve a specialised physiatrist, kinesiologist, physiotherapist, masseur and physical education teacher.

Post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation of the locomotor system

Longer life expectancy, sports injuries, car and industrial accidents and on the other hand speedy development of surgical and orthopaedics techniques have promoted the development of post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation of the locomotor system at Terme Čatež.

We have developed procedures for recovery treatments of the knee, collar bone, spine, hips, wrist and ankle complaints, in particular in the after-reconstruction-surgery and/or artificial joint replacements, fractures, amputations or spinal surgery, etc.

Each case is treated individually and a respective programme is prepared for the patients, considering a gradual pace of the treatment. We make sure exercise is safe and pain free. The rehabilitation progress is monitored with the state-of-the-art isokinetic dynamometers, which enables an objective assessment for each individual case.

The aim of rehabilitation is to re-establish the mobility, muscle strength, balance, co-ordination and an optimal function of the joint.

In addition to a specific rehabilitation programme, patients at Terme Čatež have a wide range of recreation possibilities, from activities in the Sports Centre of the Toplice Hotel to swimming in numerous pools of the Thermal Riviera.

Rehabilitation of degenerative diseases of the locomotor system
Rehabilitation of degenerative diseases of the locomotor system alleviates degenerative changes of the skeleton that cause problems with mobility and everyday tasks. A special restorative rehabilitation programme was designed for these problems. It mitigates degenerative changes and contributes to the participant's well-being, but does not cure the condition.
Rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases

Terme Čatež has a long tradition and extensive experience in the rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases, treatment of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, in particular of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile chronic polyarthritis, arthrosis, spondylotic and spondylogene syndrome and metabolic arthritis …

Terme Čatež is the leading institution in treatment of ankylosing spondylitis in Slovenia. For more than 30 years we have been intensely and successfully engaged in complex functional treatment of these patients.

The therapies include balneotherapy in swimming pools and bathtubs with thermal water, individual or group gymnastics, fango or paraffin pads, ultrasound, laser, magnetic therapy, underwater and manual massage and occupational therapy. Our empirical studies show that the use of balneotherapy enhances and prolongs the positive effects of the treatment, even a few months longer than a therapy without a balneological component.

An optimum treatment lasts for three weeks and always includes an educational programme with the instructions for self-treatment at home.

Rehabilitation of neurological diseases and traumas

The Health Centre of Terme Čatež offers rehabilitation of neurological diseases and traumas. Treatments are available for patients who suffered a stroke, had a spinal injury, surgery or trauma to the central and peripheral nervous system or multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, etc.

Terme Čatež places special emphasis on rehabilitation of patients who suffered a stroke. Rehabilitation usually starts in the hospital department with a neurophysiotherapist and occupational therapist instructing patients about the daily activities. The programme continues in the gym, where practitioners perform passive and active exercises, the proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Bobath therapy, massages and electrotherapy. The recommended duration of rehabilitation after a stroke is three weeks. 

The aim is to restore the highest possible quality of life and to help the patient become as independent as possible. A pleasant environment, premises without architectural obstacles at the Čatež Hotel, many years' experience of the therapists and top qualified medical staff are a guarantee of a successful therapy.

The use of thermal water during the post-stroke rehabilitation or other neurological condition or injury is of enormous benefit. It helps restore balance, co-ordination and mobility.

The practitioners at the Health Centre of are also trained in the Halliwick hydrotherapy exercise techniques.

Rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery

This programme aims at timely rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery, encompassing the physiological aspects as well as preserving optimum mobility of the shoulder and preventing lymphoedema of the operated side. It encompasses hydrotherapy in warm thermal water, individual and group gymnastics, assisted exercising, lymph drainage, manual massage and electrotherapy.

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