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Medical services price list

Thermal water

Thermal water was discovered at Čatež polje at the Sava riverside more than 220 years ago. A manuscript about Čatež Spa dated 1855 indicates that the "spa in the Čatež verbena bush" was known as early as 1802. The locals dug pits in the gravel or sand, fenced them with branches and bathed in them. Since the water was very hot (according to the Lexicon the springs of Čatež were the hottest) the bathers went to the nearest Sava river to cool down. Today, Terme Čatež has 11 wells of thermal water, springing from the depth of between 300 and 600 meters at the flow rate of 60 lps and the temperature between 58 °C and 63 °C.  The thermal water allows pleasant bathing all year round in the pools of the Summer and Winter Thermal Riviera and hotel pools. Patients and other guests can choose also among pools with hypothermal (32–33 °C)and hyperthermal (35–36 °C) water.

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