Saunas - Terme Čatež


On the luxury premises of the Spa & Wellness Centre the Čatež Hotel among other things offers you saunas.

NOTICE: All saunas are available only to hotel guests.

  • Finnish sauna - dry sauna (85-90°C) is most common. Hot air warms up the body and accelerated sweating. It helps relax muscles, cleanse and refresh the body and spirit.
  • Biosauna with infrared light - it provides for in-depth heating of the body (40-50 °C) and thus promotes elimination of toxins much more than traditional sauna. It helps restore the balance in the body to prevent headaches, exhaustion, low or high blood pressure, asthma and bronchitis. It is known for its therapeutic effect on rheumatism, arthritis and skin disorders.
Hotel Čatež
Topliška cesta 35
Every day: 9.00 - 21.00