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You will be pampered by various massage techniques for relaxation. The smell of massage oils is calming and reminiscent of the harmony on a warm spring day.



Massages Season A Season B
Spa massage (50 min.) 42 € 45 € inquiry
For relaxation and envigoration, enhances blood circulation in muscles and eases backache, pain in the chest and neck.
Indian massage (50 min.) 53 € 55 € inquiry
Relaxing massage inspired by the Indian (Ayurveda) philosophy. Eases body tension and reflects on the soul & spirit (body & soul massage).
Hot stone massage (75 min.) 58 € 61 € inquiry
Hot stone massage with addition of essential oils for better blood circulation and total body relaxation.
Magic touch (40 min.) 42 € 45 € inquiry
Massage of the shoulders, neck, decolletė and face with a special massage technique and the addition of essential oils to obtain maximum relaxing effect.
Aromassage - full body (60 min.) 60 € 68 € inquiry
Soothing full body massage with various aromatic essential oils. Massage affects the general well-being and enhances blood circulation.
Wellness experience (60 min.) 48 € 51 € inquiry
Special massage techniques for a total relaxation of body and soul with rosemary oil
Total harmony for pregnant women (60 min.) 70 € 73 € inquiry
Special massage technique for pain relief in the neck, spine and hips; aimed at maintaining of the appropriate body posture and better blood circulation in extremities.
Back massage (20 min.) 24 € 27 € inquiry
Foot reflexology massage (40 min.) 37 € 40 € inquiry
By pressing the acupressure points of the foot we encourange the natural process of healing and relaxation. It is recommended against the pain and remedies of the feet and legs, backache, digestion and menstrual remedies, stress, headache and has got a relaxing character.
Lymph drainage (40 min.) 37 € 40 € inquiry
By stimulating the operation of lymphs we accelerate the purification of body. This type of massage is effective against cellulite and removes superfluous water from the body; it is also recommended during pregnancy
Season A: 2. May - 17. July, 29. August - 23. December 2021
Season B: 18. July - 28. August 2021
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