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Let Your Skin Breathe and Reawaken. When to use a sauna? When you want to relax, ease the tension inside you and eliminate stress. Sauna can also mitigate some muscle injuries and alleviate rheumatic pain. Are you coming down with a cold? Try sauna! Sauna will accelerate your blood circulation, contribute to clear skin and help do away with extra weight.

Welcome to the brand new Wellness riviera, which offers complete wellness pampering and a world of saunas on almost 1,000 m2.

Saunas are also available in the Health and Beauty Center.

What you should know before entering a sauna?

  • Before entering a sauna take a shower.
  • Close the door swiftly when entering or exiting the sauna.
  • Keep your feet levelled with the bench to maximise sauna benefit and you will also need less space.
  • Position yourself in the sauna (lying, sitting) according to the number of visitors.
  • Only the sauna keeper is allowed to pour water on the sauna stove.
  • Keep your voice low, so as not to disturb the others.
  • Instead of talking, enjoy the gentle music and pleasant thoughts.
  • It is not allowed to read newspapers in a sauna.

Allow us to give you a few tips of advice to make your sauna experience pleasanter.

Do not visit sauna on a full or empty stomach.

After showering wipe yourselves dry, because only a dry body will sweat well.

Take a towel with you. Lay on the middle bench for ten minutes. A less desired affect will be achieved if sitting on the lowest bench or on the floor. If you choose the highest bench, time yourselves carefully, since higher temperatures can affect the head particularly. Exaggerating may be dangerous.

Prior to leaving the sauna sit up for a few minutes, otherwise blood flow to your brain will be insufficient. Avoid the top-most bench shortly before leaving the sauna.

Immediately after coming out from the sauna, cool yourself down on the terrace by moving all the time, breathing deeply the fresh air in and out.

A cold shower washes off the remaining sweat from the skin and accelerates circulation. Shower from your feet upwards. Do not use soap or warm water - it will destroy the skin's natural acid coating and can burden the blood circulation.

People with healthy skin can then go to the pool.

While cooling down you should rest as this regulates the blood pressure.

A massage is recommended after finishing the second entrance to the sauna.

Rest for some 10 to 15 minutes before going to the sauna again by putting your feet up.

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