Saunas - Terme Čatež


It is Wonderful When Skin Can Breathe… In addition to the pool and fitness at the Terme Hotel you should visit also the saunas at the Health and Beauty Centre.

You can treat yourself to:

  • Jupiter sauna - Finnish indoor and outdoor sauna at the temperature of 85–90 °C. The hot steam coming from water poured over hot stones helps relax muscles, cleanse the body and refresh the body and spirit.
  • Nero's bath – indoor Turkish bath with the temperature of 45–55 °C and extremely high humidity generate steam that has a beneficial effect on the epidermis and airways, stimulates circulation and eases muscle tension.
  • Laconium – warm rest room for complete relaxation.
  • Relaxarium – a room with deckchairs for pampering, and
  • Nudist terrace.
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