Businessmen - Terme Čatež


Conference centres - Business conventions in a slightly different manner (combined with relaxation, sports activities and distraction). They can be conducted on three locations.

Certificate »Safe and healthy meetings and events« in Terme Čatež

At Terme Čatež, we responsibly follow safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, we are proud to obtain the certificate »Safe and healthy meetings and events«, awarded by the Slovenian Convention Bureau. This only confirms the provision of additional measures to prevent infections and ensures the highest level of safety for participants in various events.

Terme Čatež obtained »Safe and healthy meetings and events« standard for two categories:

  • venue, which is important especially for the organizers of the meetings and social events and participants at events
  • conference & event organiser ex. culinary and dance events, New Year's Eve celebrations and other events.