Excursions - Terme Čatež


Get to Know the Surrounding Area …

Holidays at Čatež are full of adventures and also an excellent starting point for excursions in the nearby area. Explore the hiking paths in the vicinity of Terme Čatež or take a bicycle trip over varied routes.

Wandering around the picturesque landscape...

The panoramic bus takes you from Terme Čatež to Bizeljsko, where tranquillity meets exellent cuisine and friendly people, or to the hustle and bustle of green Slovenian capital. Have you been to Gadova peč - the cradle of Cviček wine or to Kostanjevica na Krki - the pearl of  Dolenjska region?


The town of Brežice boasts rich natural and cultural heritage, which visitors can admire every step of the way. Visit numerous castles that have left a mark on the town and the surroundings: Mokrice Castle with a top restaurant and a 200-year old English park, Brežice Castle hosting the Posavje Museum and the Knights' Hall as well as the Pišece Castle and Bizeljsko Castle, watching over the nearby vineyards. In the centre of Brežice the Water Tower is proudly reaching towards the sky. We also recommend you take a walk across another feature that the town is known for – the old bridge across Sava and Krka.


In the Bizeljsko region the hospitable locals will be happy to show you the unique "repnice" - caves, dug in flint-stone, and invite you to a glass of exquisite wine. You will take a peek into the nest of the interesting European bee-eater. The ethnographic collection and blacksmith museum will take you several hundred years back into the past.

Surrounding in the neighbourhood

Look for a corncrake which nests only in the Jovsi Natural Reserve. At Pišece you should visit the homestead and the memorial collection of Slovene linguist Maks Pleteršnik. You are also invited to visit the Pleterje Monastery, the Božidar Jakac Gallery and Forma viva in Kostanjevica.


While hiking in the Gorjanci, the hills with numerous water springs, known for legends and fairy tales, you might run into the Čatež Dwarf. According to the legend, where the Čatež Dwarf was seen, people often found springs of good water.