Animation - Terme Čatež


The diverse animation range at Terme Čatež guarantees that guests are never bored! Every week we prepare a rich animation programme for all generations. While your children are exercising creativity at the Mini Club you can join the morning exercise at the Thermal Riviera. Those who like to sleep late, can opt for aqua exercises in late morning or afternoon. Spend the evening in the pleasant ambience of the tropical garden and dance to the lovely music. The animators will make sure your children will have fun at the Mini Club.

Monthly animation programme

Diverse selection of activities for children and adults

  • kids gym
  • kids pilates
  • eko workshops
  • crazy darts
  • aqua fitness
  • aqua pilates

and more.

Theme weekends

Dwarf story

Do you know the Čatež Dwarf?

He likes to play with our guests. Children in particular, making them smile. He can teach you how to swim or play golf. He will tell you how a treasure was discovered at Terme Čatež. Will you accept him? He promised to be almost good – after all, he is just a teasing little dwarf who wants to be your friend. The Čatež Dwarf is sitting in front of the entrance to the Winter Thermal Riviera, telling stories. Stop for a moment and listen to him.


Terme Čatež
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