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Say "YES" in the Embrace of the Medieval Mokrice Castle

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

Janus Arony

 Entering marriage is a unique event in life that stays in our memory forever. The Mokrice Castle is where you will have a wedding day of your dreams. They say that like the castle, marriage entered into at the Mokrice Castle is rock solid and lasts forever. Allow us to familiarise you with the wedding protocols at the Mokrice Castle before your big decision.

Wedding locations

Wedding hall

Say "yes" in the round Knights' Hall in the castle tower and start your life together under the ceremoniously decorated arches of the Mokrice Castle. In addition to the Wedding hall, the romantic castle ambience offers numerous possibilities for your dream day.

Castle park and courtyard

An outdoor marriage, in a more relaxed atmosphere and on a joyous summer day will add a special charm to the happy moments. Nothing is more magnificent than to plead loyalty to a loved one in a park, in the shadow of two hundred year old plane trees next to the chapel of St. Anne, witnessed by four statues depicting the seasons of the year and life. The castle courtyard, surrounded by the mighty walls, is a wonderful venue to pledge eternal loyalty. Here stories have been written for thousands of years. Write one yourself, you will definitely remember it always.

Golf wedding

A wedding on the green, green luxurious grass … Exchange your wedding vows near the golf course, in a unique way. Toast your marriage with a glass of sparkling wine and enjoy your popular sport on your wedding day.

Wedding organisation

1,001 Ways to Get Married

There is no end to ideas for wedding ceremonies at the Mokrice Castle … Riding a carriage, getting married next to the tune of zither, castle lit by torches in the night, fireworks … Close your eyes and think of the wedding day of your dreams. Leave all the rest to us. Start your wedding ceremony the day before the big event. For you and your wedding guests we have prepared a two-day wedding ceremony  that will impress even the most demanding guests.

Our confectionary chefs can supply your wedding cake. Trust us with the flower arrangements and the wedding bouquet.

We will be happy to advise you on music selection and a photographer to capture your wedding day.

Newlyweds dream packages

Let the Honeymoon Begin

Spend your wedding night under the mighty arcades of the Mokrice Castle and greet the morning in the midst of intact nature, far away from the city bustle.  At the nearby Terme Čatež treat yourselves to relaxing thermal baths and unforgettable experience of the unique Roman-Irish baths.  End the day with a romantic candlelight dinner, enjoying a baroque luxury of tastes created by culinary chefs from the castle restaurant.

Grajski paket za mladoporočenca

Doživita udobje – kot nekoč graščaki – v grajskem razkošju, kjer skrivajo grajski zidovi zgodbe preteklosti in večnih ljubezni. Naj bo vajin prvi skupni zajtrk kraljevski, naj ne zmanjka razvajanja ...

Surprise wellness for newlyweds

Health & Beauty Centre offers a wellness programme for the newlyweds

You are also invited to try other relaxation programmes at one of our wellness centres or the Sauna Park.

Days before the wedding, years after the wedding

If you want to properly say goodbye to your bachelorship, organise a bachelorette party or a bachelor party. Enjoy the surprise party that your friends will arrange at Terme Čatež. We will see to everything! All you have to do is enjoy your "bachelorhood" party! After a year or two … or ten, you are invited to come back to the Mokrice Castle and celebrate your wedding anniversary in the grand ambience of the castle.