Vision, mission, goals - Terme Čatež

Vision, mission, goals

Terme Čatež  company follows the world tourism trends. New investments make it possible to create a certain advantage in domestic and foreign competition.

The high level of knowledge and  the effective operation control , the right choice of strategic partners and a well balanced  human resources and risk management  are  the pieces of mosaic with an impressive overall result. Our goal is to permanently create superior results and accomplish a long-term development strategy of the company.

The company is focused on the operation  providing a permanent growth in value for the shareholders,  increasing 
the level of competitiveness on domestic  market and foreign markets, distinction of Terme Čatež brand, leading role in tourism in the country and high added value of projects.

With the responsible attitude to business-, natural- and social environment and  the co-workers we make our permanent business philosophy real.