Affiliated companies - Terme Čatež

Affiliated companies

Equity investments in affiliates
Company name and registered office
Type of equity investment
Share of Terme Čatež d.d. (in %) in the subsidiaries' equity Number of shares held by Terme Čatež d.d. Total number of shares
Del Naložbe d.d., Čatež ob Savi stock 95,31 53.671 56.314
Table 3: Equity investments in affiliates as at 30 June 2021
The Terme Čatež Group is comprised of Terme Čatež d.d. and its subsidiary, in which the parent company holds a majority stake and also a majority of voting rights. The Group encompasses companies engaged in casino, hospitality and tourism activity, and other.

Del Naložbe d.d.

The company is engaged in letting of own business premises and high-quality securities management.

Del Naložbe, d.d. also holds a gambling concession for Casino Lido at Terme Čatež, which features gaming machines, electronic roulette and numerous games of chance.