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Mokrice Resort

Where Past Mingles with Present

The mediaeval Mokrice Castle proudly watches over the centennial forests of Gorjanci. The castle legends and stories speak of turbulent historical events and important routes crossing this area from West towards East already in Roman times. Peasant uprisings left their mark on the castle and the surrounding area as well. In peaceful times the castle was known for luxurious lifestyle of the nobility that occupied it.

Today the castle hosts a high-class hotel. Behind the thick walls, the intertwining hallways lead to period rooms, apartments in towers, halls, premises for social events and a restaurant. Guests enjoy the compete serenity of the castle environment.

When daylight peeks through the window and a view opens as far as to wine-growing hills of Bizeljsko, the sparkling sunny morning invites you to a walk in the 200-year old English park. Play a round of golf with your friends on the diverse course next to the castle or visit the Wellness Centres and numerous pools at the nearby Terme Čatež.

Listen to your thoughts on the sunny terrace or in isolated corners of the castle. A dinner for two or dining with friends at the splendid restaurant will be an unforgettable experience.

Mokrice is ideal for a wedding – in the hall, on the castle courtyard or the golf course.

And when the sun sets behind the horizon, the shadows of Mokrice legends creep up behind the castle walls.
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Hotel Golf Grad Mokrice
Rajec 4
SI - 8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem
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