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From Spring to Spring
A dewy spring morning invites for a walk. In the midst of summer, from early morning till late evening, the numerous pools of the Summer Thermal Riviera resound with holiday commotion. As the white veil of the early autumn interlocks with the sparkling blue summer sky and the snowy whirl of winter wind urges us into the warmth of the tropical Winter Thermal Riviera we all agree: Terme Čatež is the right place for relaxation and fun 365 days a year!

Throughout the year, Terme Čatež offers a healthy, relaxing bathing in numerous pools at the Summer and Winter Thermal Riviera. You are invited to join programmes for relaxation, pampering and health in the wellness centres and participate in various sports and recreation activities in the sports centre and outdoors. A comfortable stay at hotels and enjoyable socialising in a variety of restaurants, pub or the "Pri kapitanu" restaurant in the centre of the camp are guaranteed.

We offer conference premises to planners of business events and conferences, along with technical support and a high-quality catering service.

The fans of nature enjoy staying at the camp or apartment village. Families with children spend exciting holidays in the Indian village and in bungalows built over the lake at the Pirates bay.

In addition to a carefully designed holiday, spa and entertainment range, Terme Čatež are an excellent starting point for numerous trips in the picturesque surroundings on foot or bicycle, or for cultural and historical sight-seeing.

And when the night comes, the doors to the casino, pub and tropical garden open to those thirsty for fun ...
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